Firstly: Ensure that you possess Litecoin before the fork. The fork is normal when square 1371111 is finished.
At the hour of this composition, there are 1248 squares remaining, putting the fork on track to happen on Sunday, February eighteenth at 21:15:36.

Secondly: Before the fork happens, move your Litecoin to an impermanent wallet.
Guaranteeing Litecoin expects you to import your LTC wallet private key into the Litecoin Cash wallet.
Since you are giving an outsider your private keys, you ought to consider this wallet traded off,
so you would prefer not to utilize your principle wallet for this.

Third: Wait for the fork to happen. You can see a commencement clock here,
however, it ought to happen at some point on Sunday, February eighteenth as referenced previously.

Fourth: Empty the transitory wallet, sending your LTC to your principle individual wallet, a trade litecoin, and so forth.
We suggest cold stockpiling by means of the Ledger S Nano.

Fifth: Visit https://litecoinca.sh/” target=”_blank” rel=”no-referrer no opener and utilize the private key from the now-unfilled transitory wallet to guarantee your LCC.

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