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Bitcoin has spawned a cryptocurrency trend leading to global ramifications. We see a globally decentralized peer-to-peer network, growing at an exponential rate. With the crypto economy being bombarded with new updates and products every day, it has become increasingly challenging to figure out the best investment options.

However, our in-house analytics suggest some basic pointers to keep in mind. Invest in multiple crypto products to diversify risk. The coins you invest in must:

  • Be less volatile
  • Easy to store and trade in your economic region

In this post, we start with the best sellers that are currently the blue chips of cryptocurrency trade. They are excellent investment options if you are beginning crypto investments.

Here are 3 Cryptocurrencies to Buy for Beginners

1 Bitcoin

Return on products with high market capitalization is often the steadiest and least volatile. Therefore, Bitcoin becomes an ideal choice as it is the most widely used crypto coin in the globe.

It has the highest liquidity among all cryptocurrencies. You can almost instantly sell bitcoin after a purchase. Volatility in the crypto economy is generally high. However, Buy Bitcoin still fairs as the most stable digital coin.

It works on the proof-of-work system. It means that miners receive block awards for mining. This award of 50 BTC per block halves every 210,000 blocks. It means over time, inflation will decrease, and so will mining. Therefore, you should know that the supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins. Therefore, as the demand surges in the future, the price will rise.

Due to all these reasons, we suggest you always keep some Bitcoin in your crypto wallets.

2 Ethereum Coin

Buy Ethereum Coin takes the credit for making decentralized crypto applications for desktop and mobiles a possibility through its patent smart contracts technology. It has pioneered the ICO movement through tokens that run on its network.

It is a highly liquid cryptocurrency. You can easily trade it on popular exchange platforms. It has seen its share of volatility, but with the support of a strong team and global community, prices are projected to grow stably in the long run.

Unlike Bitcoin, the supply of Ethereum isn’t limited. You can also predict a rise in its demand as more and more companies start using smart contracts fueled by it.

Given the long-term nature of its potential applications, it is one of the safest cryptocurrencies to invest in.

3 Litecoin

If we talk about the starting points of the crypto movement, Litecoin will be standing robust at one of those points. It uses the same source code as Bitcoin with minor tweaks. It’s founder Charlie Lee, is also the Engineering Director at Coinbase. Hence, the entire network is managed and run through vast experience and reliable connections. As a result, it is very stable and ideal for initial investments.

Similar to Bitcoin, it has a limited supply of 84 million and follows the same pr00fof-work reward system. Therefore, prices are expected to surge in the future.

Top Cryptocurrency Options for Advanced Investors

You have a decent portfolio of the frontrunners. Now, you are on the lookout for disruptors that promise high returns. Categories like privacy coins are ideal for such endeavors. Let’s look at two top-notch cryptos in this area.

4 Monero – XMR

It is a highly popular privacy coin and is used widely across the dark web. Why? It is because it’s fancy encryptions and logic keep identities discreet. Experienced cryptocurrency experts run it.

It maintains excellent liquidity and can be easily traded on a day-to-day basis on multiple exchanges. It has a steady user base and a growing market capitalization. Therefore, it is a highly stable privacy coin. Many smaller market capped coins don’t fair as good as it does.

By 2022, 18.4 million XMR coins will be in circulation. After that, the only supply will be 0.3 XMR per minute. It will make these coins pricier in times of demand. Its increasing use on the dark web also makes the price shoot up.

However, it can be difficult to store securely. Therefore, only advanced investors with experience and networks should look into it.

5 Beam Coin

Unlike Monero, Beam uses the latest blockchain protocol- Mimblewimble. As funny as the name is, the technology allows for a much-needed speed boost in blockchain scaling and transactions while keeping information highly secure and discreet.

It has an experienced founder in the form of Alexander Zaidelson. He co-founded the P2P file-sharing company called Nareos and has served as an advisor to many startups.

It has an active investor base irrespective of low market capitalization. Speculation is bullish and therefore, it is an ideal high-level crypto investment.

However, this is the most volatile digital coin on our list. Similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin, the supply is limited to 262 Million coins. Therefore, prices will surge as the currency progresses forward. —

The crypto sphere is dynamic to the extent that it makes it ever-expanding. Therefore, as an investor, you must have room for the latest disruptions. Keep a mixed basket and hedge your capital adequately across different coin categories, risk segments, and market caps. This way, returns will be guaranteed and protected against price fluctuations.


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